A Big Rig looking for a tent experience. 
We are fulltime RVers who travel mostly in the West where we like to boondock.
Come explore the places we have found over the years.

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   Visit our prior fulltime travels, not just for the adventures, but to also see the boondocking sites we have found.                          If we in our previous big 5th wheels and now our MH can do it, so can you.
                       We like to say, why spend the time and money, when others can show the way.

Back on the road again.
We have agreed to be BLM camp hosts this summer (2024) at Carbella CG in Montana close to the  north entrance to Yellowstone NP.  Blogging all about it as in...
Why are we doing this Getting ready to roll Traveling to get there
The Campground  Surrounding Areas Day Trips
Blogging the day to day life.

So Come along on our adventure.
 Come along for the adventure to see what it is like to be a camp host these days.
This a picture of a campground site right on the Yellowstone River

   Last year we went on a reunion trip to the northwest and traveled  to some of our favorite campsites we have found over the years. Mostly Montana in the Ennis area and then on down to Moab. I did post some of this on my Facebook pages and may move some of that over here. If you insist you can see the Facbook posts here. But for now onward to 2024 and new adventures as a camp host for the BLM in a dream location.
      We headed to Alaska and it was an adventure to be sure. Oh watched the videos but doing it we found it less than overwhelming.  Glade we did that and got it off our bucket list. But that seemed to all I can say about how fabulous it is. But so many people have posted their trips, I decided we would just go and experience it all. 
       We finaly got out of AZ. It was getting HOT Our journey up to Idaho. Terry is catching fish.
The trials and tribulations of trying to find and buy a new toad for our MH. AND dealing with our MHbeing the shop for weeks.
       Well we have been in isolation for way to long  and it is time to get a life again. As in travel. Come see what we are planning.
At our AZ winter vacation location due to cornavirus
Made it to Blackfoot Reservoir to strt the camp hosting season
    All was gping well, MH serviced at the Cummins Service Center in Tucson. Now broke down on the road
    Yep we are going back to Idaho this summer and camp host for the BLM again at Blackfoot Reservoir.
    My thoughts on the RV lifestyle they call Van Dwellers
   After many years with 5th wheels bought a Motorthome after we found the right one for us.
Now at our camp hosing site in ID for out second year here
We were first time camp hosts in Idaho at Blackfoot Reservoir
     AZ vacation house drone Video
    Heading out for the summer  NM Roswell and Carlsbad
     July in Iowa
    Across Northern ND, MT to Glacer NP
Blackfoot River in MT to Salmon River in ID
then down CA HW 395 with side trip to Yosemite.
    Spent Holidays at Benson, AZ and then off to Quartzsite for January
    Getting hot in AZ so off for places north, Mogollon NM & Navajo Dam and the San Juan River for world class fly fishing
    CO and Narrow Gage train trip Cumbres & Toltc Scenic Railroad
    Next to IA, SD Badlands, WY, and MT Beartooth HW, Billings, MT
Idaho south to Ennis ID Madison River & Henrys Lake ID  Yellowstone, Idaho Falls, Cayonlands, Arches NP and Moab
    Flagstaff to Bullhead City AZ at RV Park for $98 a week with pool waiting for it to cool down in Quartzsite

   Safe and sound back in Benson
Time Marches On When You're Having Fun
Heading out for our summer and fall travels
North Rim Of Grnd Cabyon & Green River Lakes WY
More Green River fishing (boondocking) Pinedale Mountian Rwndezvous Teton Park & Yellowstone
Finding fishing spots in Montana Virgina City MT  Red Mt. BLM on the Madison Labor Day BLM on Missouri near Helenaa
Blackfoot River MT & Roslyn WA Orfino ID
Oregon coast, Olympic Peninsula Sutter Creek CA to Laughlin NV Oatman AZ and on to Quartzsite, AZ
We had a big Black Friday
   Quartzsite and on a Sick Pity Party Getting Rebooted in the ICU
   Q to Benson and to Tucson Medical Center (Hospital) for Heart Ablation operation for Flutter
   Getting heart A-Fib meds to work  and to planing summer trips
   Hitting the road after getting work done on the 5er and truck & on to Cochiti Lake COE south of Santa Fe
   Taos Roi Grande Gorge, South Dakota Custer SP, Black Hills to Fort Smith MT, fishing Yellowstone River down form Livingston
   Yellowstone and Montana fly fishing Ennis and south on Madison River Great BLM camping
   Labor Day Red Mountian BLM Norris MT, Anaconda, Missoula next White Pines Scenic Byway ST Maries ID,Moscow to Columba River
   Oregon, Nevada, to AZ
   Quartzsite and Terry in the hospital Very scary time in our lives Moving the 5er from Q to Havasu to be close to the hospital
   Quartzsite for Jan. and Feb. for Rock Club fun and desert boondockin
   Aren't you glad no more Sticks and Bricks
   Heading north throught New Mexico
   To Iowa
Colorado Taylor Park, Tin Cup, Creede, Gunnison CO  Don't put regular gas in a desiel truck!
   CO and Taos, Cochiti Lake, NM
   NM and back to Vac house in AZ
   Getting down and dirty on this place they call Quartzsite.
    The Big Tent Show and more Quartzsite with field trips looking for the end of the rainbow (click FORWARD to see it all)
    Winter vacation property in Benson, AZ (click ROWARD to see it all)
    At our winter property for the holidays... and a just "Just Say Bah!" message.   
    Quartzsite, AZ  We cover this mecca in our blog (click FORWARD three times to see it all)
    Field Trip to the Huge Dadge Philps Bagdad AZ Mine
    Off to CA Slab Ciry to San Diago Zoo
Williams AZ and Grand Canyon
Lees Ferry and Glen Canyon AZ
Navajo Dam NM  fishing
Across CO, to looking for Toto in KS, 5er work at NuWa fctory in Chanute
Relaxing in Iowa
    Heading west for fun and adventure. Thataway (click FORWARD to see more of ID and Yellowstone)
    Lochsa and Clearwater Rivers North Central ID
    Salmon and Snake Rivers West Central ID
    Southern Idaho on the Snake River
    Las Vegas on to Q
    In Q with portable blow up Hot Tub  Are we having fun yet?
    More Quartzsite. Happy New Year
Much more of all things Quartzsite (click FORWARD thru the posts to see it all)
      Central Montana (Grnet Ghost Town)
      Libby Dam area
      Central WA in the Republic and Roslyn Miner Days (click FORWARD for more)
      South OR and the Columbia River...  Great pictures.
      Death Valley, Hot Springs at Beatty,  Laughlin NV & Oatman AZ 
      New Years Eve and thoughts this lifestyle and boondocking
     Quartzsite in January when people out number the rocks (click FORWARD to see it all)
     Moving from Q to NM, though CO,  KS and landing in IA 
     Doing our thing in the heartland of Iowa
     Hoping the floods and tornados in IA are over with for now.
     We ordered a NEW 5er.
     More on life as we live it. (Health Care Ins costs back then) and Iowa State Fair.
     Moved into our new 5er.
     Landed in Quartzsite. See what we are finding about this love or hate it desert oasis.(click FORWARD to see it all)
When Q blooms with people in RVs. Who would know January and we are in Q (click FORWARD to see it all)
     Left Q and in Cottonwood, Sedona,  AZ Winslow, AZ  & Canyon de Chelly (click FORWARD to see it all )
     Navajo Dam and the fly fishing. Toas, NM then Cimarron State park and boondocking in a KS city park
     South NE at a FREE COE Lake and on into IA to our summer base.
     West to WY and  Central ID fly fishing (click FORWARD to see it all) Great fishing aand camping sites
     Central Inland OR  Central OR Coast  South OR Coast. (click FORWARD to see it all)
     CA & Reno, NV  Down CA HW 395 (click FORWARD to see it all)
     Barstow CA and landing in Quartzsite, AZ
     Q our winter boondocking spot (click FORWARD) for more. 

All about Q and the changes we see taking place there and Rock Club Field Trip (click FORWARD for more)
      Travels slowly heading North through northern AZ Cottonwood Sadona and Winslow
      After time in IA across  NE and central WY  US 20 northern NE and held up for snow in WY so going south to UT
      In Moab, UT  CanyonlandsMoab, UT in the Canyonlands  w/fantastic boondocking sites.
      UT Needles Overlook and Navajo Dam, NM    Fly fishing in blue ribbon waters (click FORWARD for more)
      To Gallup, NM  Wickenburg, AZ and on to  Quartzsite, AZ

      Winter advententures in Q (Growing upside-down tomatoes) We do know how to boondock (click FORWARD for to see it all)
      Our early years in Q were the best. Terry was big in the Gem Club and we met many great people.
Off to NE and UT Having the time of our lives and new adventures. This is what it is all about
        Going down central UT with great camping and then OMG Tuweep Wilderness on the North Rim of the GC

        November in Q the best of times Boy did we have a great times in this Meca of a Woodstock for Old Farts
Heading back up north for the summer after our frist winter in Texas
        A New Chapter Starts Heading to the Southwest to Quartzsite for the first time and then back to Iowa in the spring.
        Our First Blog post...Started fulltiming without our house even being sold yet in Iowa

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