We are a Big Rig looking for a Tent Experience.
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May June July   See July update below...

Well as you can see our Alaska trip is not going to happen.
We are isolating for a  time at our winter vacation location.
There seems to be this little thing called cornavirus. The rig was ready to go with brand new tires all around,(went with Toyos) new headlights and mostly waxed. Now it just sits like all of us. But it could be worse we could be on the road stranded somewhere in quarantine. Much safer right here.
And as we are strandered in AZ till who knows when, look what we had installed. It was before the virus hit btw.

Big day for us, a NEW York heat pump. Old A/C went out a while back but we didn't need it as we get out of town early enough to avoid the AZ heat as we travel most of the year full time spring and summer.  In winter at our seasonal house, it does get cold (you did know it can snow here as we are at 4K ft) and the heat pump will be more efficient than the old electric furnace. BTW this thing is huge compared to the old A/C unit it replaced.

Since we are self-isolating at our winter home, so time for homemade bread. by Terry. Guess we will see just how it is to live in AZ this summer. This is going to last for many months or longer methinks. We are at 4K ft so better than Tucson. Have food but we will need home delivery of booze. Hello Amazon Prime, do you hear me?  We did at last find A P flour at our local Dollar Store last week.

We just tried the Walmart Pickup service.
I went to the Walmart web site and signed up. Used it to order groceries easy peasy. Slick interface. And can change and add to the shopping list later on. Picked a pickup date and done. That can even be changed later on. They update all this on their site and via email of any changes to your order. Substitution and availably of items.When ordering shows if an item is out of stock, etc. It could have not been any easier. I thought how can they do all this.
Then downloaded their grocery app for my smartphone. When the order is ready you got an email to go to the store to pick up and then bring up the app hit I'm here or something like that it then asks which drive-in spot you are in and the color of your car. Pretty quick they are out to you with all your stuff. Cold and frozen food and fresh and dry goods. They couldn't have been nicer. And refused any tips.
This is gonna work great as we go further into the virus situation and self-isolating staying at home going forward. They even stay distancing from us and even put cold items in our cooler in the hatchback. Explained what was substituted and asked if that was ok. I already knew all that from the web site and email and app notices. So very cool. They have got this down pat. And only two items were not in stock on our order which I already knew. We had a long list, $200 and only two things were not delivered. WOW Ya, we had to drive a bit (35 miles Benson, AZ to Sierra Vista) to get to a Walmart that is set up for this service, but worth it. Staying out of busy Tucson.

Since we are self-isolating in AZ instead of traveling in our Motor Home to Alaska. Now working on planting a garden. In the past back in Iowa as that is just a norm up there, but not so much down here. But nothing is normal anymore so here we go. Kind of late to this as many places are already out of seeds and vegetable plans. Terry with all the PPE protections headed to Benson, AZ looking for tomato plants, etc. Walmart, forget it. The garden area was closed from the outside entrance and through the fence, they said they didn't have plants or seeds to speak of. But he did find all he wanted at Ace hardware. He has been spading a plot in the back yard and now is getting the soil ready for us to make a semi great garden. Not like anything back in Iowa but down here we shall try, giving us (no him) something to do to keep busy during the summer while I watch from the raised deck.
Terry did have a bit of a setback as one of the tomato plants succumbed to a gofer. That pissed him off and he had to break quarantine and go to ACE for gofer bait and more tomato plants.
Green beans above.  Haven't been able to get the cumcumber plants to sprout.

Green Pepper and one of the tomato plans that serviced Mr Gofer.

We both grew up in Iowa on farms and had mothers who had huge gardens and canned most everything. But these das we are a bit rusty and being in AZ this is a challenge.

June 7

Our garden here in HOT AZ is growing. Having to water several times a day. The only problem is the tomato plants are not doing well. Between the rabbits (before we got the greenhouse up to keep them out) and the heat, that is. Tomorrow we are going to go to a large garden place and try to get more plants. Leaf lettuce has been tasty, love it with evaporated milk, sugar, and vinegar. I have not had that since way back when in Iowa. Terry is asking if he can terrorize the neighbors by offering them zucchinis. Don't you hate it when someone offers you zucchini and you don't really want it, but have to take it to be nice.

This is the amazon.com link where we bought this greenhouse.

July 7
Updte  on the garden we planted here in AZ since we are in self-isolation. We had a little problem. It gets windy down here pre-monsoon season. The Greenhouse just didn't handle it well. Bent frame and destroyed cover. But not was all lost contacted the company and they are sending under warranty the poles and cover to make it like new. How great. Still waiting for tomatoes tho...