We are a Big Rig looking for a Tent Experience.
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Feb 22
Yep we are going bqck to Idaho this summer and camp host for the BLM again at Blackfoot Reservoir.
But before all that happens we have to get through the winter in Arizona. Yep Arizona where it has been
so very cold. Lost count of the times it has snowed.
Guess we won't be taking the MH anywhere today. Like we were thinking of doing that?
Most all roads and interstates are closed here in AZ. In Southern AZ there is only one road across the state
 from Tucson to NM and that is I 10 and it is closed. Having to use Verizon hot spot for internet as the wireless
dish on side of the house to the tower is so slow can't use it. Whiteout conditions. Now taking power hits.
 If the power goes out may have to move into the motor home and run the big 8K generator and heat pumps.
Trying to survive in what they are calling the storm of the century here in AZ. Or as you would say in Iowa,
just another normal winter day.

This shot is lookin northeast from our deck looking to the Mescal Movie set. from the last storm.
Many westerns and commercials have been filmed there.
It is all State Land so nothing will ever be build on the land.


The weather this year has been so bad we didn't even go back over to Quartzsite for January.
This is one of the first years in many years we have missed the Woodstock gathers for Old Farts.
But with You tube we didn't miss much as there are many v-logs doing their channels uploading contact most every day on all the happenings.  RVerTV  is doing a great job of showcasing Q.