We are a Big Rig looking for a Tent Experience.
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Back on the road again.  We have agreed to be BLM camp hosts this summer (2024)
at Carbella CG in Montana close to the north entrance to Yellowstone NP.

Why are we camp hosting?
Giving it another try. Is it gonna be better this time? Read about our first 3 year
gig which didn't end well and now this one, and why we are going for it.
Getting ready to roll
after 6 months idle at our AZ winter location.
Just finding servivce is key. We have lucked out with the one we found. Paying for insurance, maintance is not for the faint of heart. The story of us getting on the road this year.
Traveling to host site 
 Check out  New Posts in Day Trips and Blogging the day to day life
Last post was all about our host site .
This is an adventure all in itself.
From Arizona to Montana
See where we camp and find while on the road. It's not our first rodeo.
(follow along)

The Campground    
It doesn't get any better than this
Why do you think we jumped at this gig.
A jump off point to YNP for day trips. Free for 14 days. 30 min from the Park. And right on the bank of the Yellowstone River
The Sournding Area      
Lots of great info on YNP
(Camping, hiking, rafting, fishing)

 You did research the area, but if not, we will try to show you some out of the way palaces to explore. As if YNP was not enough.

Day Trips       New Posts
Follow along where we explore
when we are not in camp in this area.
 (we love seeing how far we can get into it)
We're not off roaders but we do like to see what is
beyond the curve in the road ahead while looking for firewood, don't Ya Know.

How we found this gig and how you can to.
Discover volunteer opportunities and learn how you can make an impact in causes you care about. Submit your volunteer application to thousands of sites across the country, all located at federal agencies who need your time and talent to meet their mission.

Blogging the day to day life       New Posts
 as we camp host here at Carbella.
We expect every day to be a new exchange with the campers and that is always great. Sharing  stories about why they are here and how we interact with them.  (follow along)

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