We are a Big Rig looking for a Tent Experience.
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June 10
After being stranded in Quartzsite for four weeks we headed out up throiugh Nevada and got to Ely, NV for the night.
At one point we came upon hiway partol waying us all off to the side and later this came through.
This was on May 29th.

May 30th we arrived  at last.

Terry had fallen down the slope last year so the LM got with the local boy scouts and for a scout project built the stairs at the camp host site.
Now we can get to the pump house with ease.

Didn't take long for use to get visited by our first moosies

 So after one week here, this is what we woke up to. SNOW. We are at 6 thousand feet but still this is June 8th. And to top it off a power outage to the whole area. And the snow was piled up on our MH roof so the solar panels wouldn't produce any power either. Not to fret, we do have a 8 K W onboard generator. It started but didn't produce any power. Later found circuit breaker tripped right on the generator. We also had to replace the power cord plug going to the power post as it had an open neutral in it which showed up as High AC Power alarm on our Magnum inverter.

Also yesterday we had to have Satellite come about 60 miles out from Pocatello to the campground to replace our car windshield as it got a crack in it from a rock hit. Just another fun day camp hosting.

TR Bowlin stopped by for a few days on his travels for the summer.
He made it just in time for the snow but we did have a couple of nice days
and evenings for a campfire or two. A very interesting and talented man.
He has a great blog and does a YouTube Channel. Check them out.
Thanks TR for stopping by.
TR just did a You Tube video on our Blackfoot Campground.
Well done like all things TR does.