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Day Trips
(April 30)

So we have been in camp for a few days and of course explored Gardiner (18 miles to the south) checking out what services we might want or need. The Sincllair gas station 10 miles south of us is more like a super station. And the fuel prices, the lowest we have seen for awhile. The Gardiner Grocery Story is a eye opener. Very well laid out and it has most everything any year round local, or tourist could want without traveling 51 miles to Livingston. BTW the Albertson's store in Livingston is one of the most extensive  grocery stores I have been to. Guess I don't get out much..You won't find anything like this is AZ.

We wanted to go to Livingston because NAPA had our Onan 8K diesel generator fuel filter in stock and were holding it for us.
We sure do want to get our MH generator running so we don't have to bother with the Honda 2000.
Oh  I spoke to soon.
When we stopped at very cold Island Park ID at the barley open State Park our onboard 8K Onan generator wouldn't start. We thoughmust  justbe  to cold for it.. So on we went and now over in Gardiner it still won't start. Posting question on Facebook determined it might be a gummed up fuel filter do to the cold.
Got the filter and stopped at the Visitors Center to see who accepts both UPS and FedFx packages as Terry needs to get his refrigerated meds shipped to him, so we don't know ahead of time how it's shipping. Sort of like Amazon. Not so much fun for fulltimes.
 Were told the local True Value would accept packages and we stopped and they said No Problem and said they would put his meds in their fridge if needed.  Can't get much friendlier than that.
But we can see TrueValue in Livingston it that place to go for all your needs....
Then stopped at Murdoch's Ranch and Home Supply as it so cold, I needed new heavier Carhart zippered sweatshirt. Terry is kind of possessive of his Carport which I try from time to time use (steal). Now I have my own. Sure I brought plenty of sweatshirts at Walmart in AZ. So not very heavy for up here.

So I expect it's time to post a pic of this georgous area on our drive up to Livingston. Many more to come, you can be sure.


These views are everywhere.

Much more to follow as we try to get back off and into ot these mountains.
After all might as well see how far up into these we can get in or GMC Canyon Denali 4W  truck.
Oh, almost forgot we have YNP to explore also.

We tried a little today on the way back form Liningston  but after some bad road which we though would  be a loop back to the main HW. Nope This back road doesn't open till May 1st and get this it sez at noon.
So we were a day short and a very bumpy huge pot hole ride back to main road.

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