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Blogging the day to day life

For you who are here to see what this campground hosting stuff is all about,

we will be blogging what we find in our day to day encounters.
It is our idea that this is not a local use camp area. This is a great  free 14 day stop on  the way to YNP from the the north. Or a base camp to take day trips into the park.  It's only 18 miles or 30 min to the north entrance.
Our Hosting site 

Now For The Day To Day Stuff

(July 20)
Mid July and the weather is hot an in HOT. It does cool down at night but ny noon is in mid 80s and going up.
Cope we must as without hookups we have to rely on solar and onboard 8K generator. We don't try to run our on board A/Cs
Only one works as we tried to get it fixed before we left AZ but to late to get it ordered as they said it had to be totally replaced. Will do that when we return to AZ in the fall.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
 We thought we wouldn't need AC but things have turned brown and sitting
out under the canapé in the in the shade helps while watching TV which we place on the panic table alone with our water mister fan keeps us in the non over heated range. And cool when the sun goes down. This campground is in a great spot for late sunsets as not huge mountains on the west side.
Sitting outside we power these toys with a small Jackery 240 portable outdoor power supply (so happy with it and on sale big time bought an second one) which we charge during the day. Works great.
Saw it on ale at Harbor Freight when we were in Billings when we first got here and had to go there to get our main 8K gen repaired. BTW it has been a lifesaver for all the power we need esp at night and it just sips diesel fuel.
Oh and another thing I ordered from Amazon is a 12 v fuel transfer pump so we can just pump fuel into the MH more easily.
The UPS driver drops off stuff right at our campsite. We give him a ice cold bottle of water which he enjoys. Told him he needs to get one of the misting fans for this truck to keep him cool. Could just plug it into his cig lighter 12v jack for USB power.
Now on to more camp hosting issues which I expanded on in the July 17 post.
Going to put another sign in the tent area to help with overcrowding.

I have aluminated our camp host sign so if needed campers can find us and know this is the place.

July 17)
Wow almost a month and no posts.
Life is busy being a camp host  I guess. Or just lazy and not posting. BTW you remember how snowy and cold it was in May and well we got over that and it is just darn hot 80s to 90s now and without AC. But we do have shade at the host site so managing.
The rafts came and the rafts go. This parking lot and boat launch is a bee hive of activity and Terry is here to record it all.
As we have said before (I think) Outfitters have to obtain a permit to launch and retrieve at this BLM location and usage determines the fee that if it exceeds some number they have to pay more at the end of the season. So us recording and keeping the outfitters honest means more moony for the BLM to help maintain this location. Which the BTW has greatly redone and improved.
  It had been a dispersed camping area and old launch. More like a free for all. Now with an updated facility and numbered camp sites the wild west has sort of been tamed.
Just back in 2020 (Covid times) an outfitter told us there were people living here (like in the hundreds) Now only 17 sites and some come back thinking it is still a free for all. And guess what future camp host wannabees you are the front line in regulation issues like that. Free even with no services (water/electric/trash and RV dump)  people feel entitled to do just as they want and stay as long as they want.
Tourists visting YNP stop here and the next day go on a day trip into the park. They return at night but somtimes find their site taken, as some other peole concidered it vacant eevn with personal property left in it. Then we have to go into action and get the people who stole it to vacate. Not a fun task and they think they are entitled to it and claim you can't hold a site. And we have to explain that yes it is occupied and they have to give it up to the original users. Knowing they took the site as all others were in use and now they have to move and there are no more sites. Lots of fun an games.
And then where do you think they head? Boy the huge parking lot area for outfiters and boaters to park, which of course no camping is allowed, so we have to again tell them not here, just in numbered sites. Then next off to the TENT camping area. It is just an area set aside with six parking spaces and a big area to pitch tests. When all sites are full this is what looks to them lke a dispersed camp area (not just a tent area) so they try to take it over. It gets tough trying to tell a RV camper this area is for tents and not their RV. We do allow car camping (sleeping in a vechicle) and van camping in the tent parking spots. BUT not larger RVs
And what is there reply. Then why are tents allowed in the RV numbered sites. We are going to suggtest even the tent area have site numbers. That should eliminate over use.
 Our job is to keep some form of rule breakage under control. And like the rangers keep telling us to also enjoy ourselves.
We are trying and BTW it's just beautiful out here which makes it all the more worth while.
Next year this BLM campground is scheduled to change from free to fees. As much as we like the freeness, we hope that it  makes it more
organized because it should cut down on determining which sites ae occupied because there will be a receipt on the site post.
And will know it they paid and for how long. More paper work but necessary.
And yes as we are now free it invites a class of people who just can't afford anything more than free.
There is homelessness and we are not immune from it here.
Dealing with it can be scary and at times best left to the BLM  LEO (law enforcement officer).

Terry booked a all day fly fishing dory drift boaton his birthday and had a great time as you can see.

Now for some humor. As part of our hosting supplies they gave us a mope. But no handle for it. They later did get the handle to us but I suggested it might look like a new look for him.
Once a week Terry power washes the johns and hasn't really need it so much. Also several times a day we check for cleanliness as hordes of rafters come off the river here and head straight to the johns. We do try top keep them immaculate for them and have been told it is appreciated..

(June 18)
Like they say, just wait a day and the weather will change. Actually they have been predicting this for a few days now as nice summer like weather has gone back to rain/snow and cold as high in mid 40s and lows in the low 30s.
Some entrances to YNP were closed due to snow for awhile. Terry did get a morning shot.
No snow down in the camp but the monitions had a nice covering. Thinking the river had receded 2 - 3 feet but this might make it rise again.

(June 16)
 We head into Gardiner for supplies and to get free water to fill our barrels at the Arch Park right across from the library.

(file photo)
I would be remiss if I didn't post this iconic photo of the Arch  

(file photo)
The river is starting to drop. Down now about 2 1/2 feet. It has Terry excited for it to be fishable.
 He has already inquired at his favorite fly shop in Gardiner (Parks Fly Shop) as to when he can get scheduled for a fishing float trip. .

We took a few hours and did a 3 hour day trip exploring the side canyons and creeks to see what it is like in the back country.
The first one we choose was Mill Creek Rd just off Pray MT. Nice road that goes way back up into the mountains.
There is dispersed camping at the end of the main road before it turns into a old logging road that goes almost straight u via switch backs. . We went up that a bit to gather firewood.
Made it back in plenty of time to do rounds and check in campers and record outfitters.

There are several more of these back roads on both sides of HW 89 between here and Livingston that we will be exploring as time permits. Later on longer day trips in the YNP, but for now want to get familiar with our current location surroundings.
For now we think these back mountain roads are more or just as exciting as YNP.

(June 9)
It is happening and best we learn more about it now.

Remote Off-Grid Kiosk (ROK)

  • Sani-Star’s Patent Pending REMOTE software app and solar power configuration the

  • ROK ticket printing / fee system may be used ANYWHERE. No location is too Remote or too Off-Grid

         To eliminate campsite fee envelopes and iron rangers.  Now in 48 states. Location Map

We are being told this may might be installed at our campground next year
as the word is this place is going from free to fee based next year.

(June 8)
Sunday and the recreational rafters are out in force as the river is very high and rushing.
No dory fishing boaters yet as this river is very much out of control for that.

Weather update: Heavy rain is forecast for Sunday and with the snow melt the river level could get interesting.
Bear Update: We had to tell a couple more campers again to keep a clean campsite and put food, grills in their bear box . We made a notice to leave on site if we see non compliance. Why don't Ya Know there are no bears out here. Well we as campers kind of always felt that way also until here.
Just today a story out of Gardiner told of a grizzly roaming the back streets near the Heritage Center right in town.
As we were quizzing a camper about a hose running from their RV down to the river. She said her husband had the great idea to pump river water up and they could sanitize it. That didn't work out as the water is dirty brown with runoff. We originally thought they were draining their holding tanks into the river but they were trying to do it  the other way to no avail.
 She told us about Six Mile Road near us was closed for grizzly activity and I said that is why she should put her cast iron fry pans and big grill in the bear box. She hadn't thought about that but now was eager to to it. As I said before we have a trash transfer station at the entrance to this campground and it is a magnet for attracting critters. Most everyone is bear aware but we are here to remind those who are not.

On our rounds we encountered Samurai Warriors with thier swords scouting out the area.
Actually a couple of  boys carrying what apperared to be very large samurai swords. Thery were looking threatening to other campers.
We deceided we should say something to the parents about it. Dad told me, but they were just plastic, but in rebuttal I said they look real and
threatening. Swords were returned to their MH. BTW they were from not of this country, so they might have not understood our culture.

It's always something as I noticed the right rear PU truck running lights were not working.
Must be a burnt out bulb me thought. So off to Livingston to Napa for replacement a day or so ago.
On the way on HW 89 time stands still waiting for road work  and a follow me pilot car that takes forever.
We knew they were working to seal coat the road but it sure does hold up tourist traffic in and of out of the park. That's life.
So we made it back and guess what the new bulb didn't fix the issue. Next checking fuses and still no go. Google is my friend and it told me this is a old issue and it could be anything. After messing with it a bit, now the right turn signal doesn't work also. It's parked in the shade at our host site so we will investigate at our leisure. BTW 2021 Canyon Denali PU

Gave up for now as Terry has another projrct to finish first.
We needed a new RV toilet and a week or so ago we went to Bozeman adn bought a new Domadic model 310.
The old one was causing our on board water pump to cycle with a small leak. Well now the new one is doing the same thing. So we have the supply vaulve shut off till (not me but Terry can determine why this NEW one has problems also. When we shut the vaulve off to it the pump doesn cycle. Update: Turned the water back on and so far no pump cycling. Time to tell the king he has a new throne.

It was last  Wednesday June 5th and Terry had a birthday. Let's just say he is not in his 60s any longer.
So as it being mid week and we thought it was about time we took a day trip into the park. First drive was to go the NE entrance to Cook City through Lamar Valley. Might as well start right off with the best buffalo jams in the park.

It was a sunny and warm drive and much needed outing. Even saw a black bear off in the distance.

Up close and personal (that is from the inside of the truck) right along the road.
Another bear this time on the roof of a store in Cook City. The drive was spectacular to say the lest.

Just learning on how to embed a video on the blog.
Coming from West Yellowstone to get to Gardiner (to get to our hosting site) we of course encountered a buffalo Jam
Notice the SYSCO truck was not having any of this. He has deliveries and not going to be held up by a bunch of critters.
Looks like they have encountered him before and they moved as his bumper is quite large.

Clear in the distance is hundreds of buffalo. Sight to behold.

Just to prove we have critters even in our campground.
That's our MH in the distance. There is a reason there are bear boxes at each campsite.

(May 31)
It was Friday and we had to get up early and make our way up to the Helena area and to Devils Elbow BLM Campground for a Volunteer Orientation/Training for camp hosts for the Butte Field Office.

Now if you are not familiar Montana is Big Sky Country and also many miles separate each section of the state. So 160 miles later we arrived. Tables and chairs and projector were set up in their huge garage/work shop structure. First impression was this was to be the real deal. And it was. Topics covered included Volunteer camp host polices and procedures, Camp host training/safety, Expense (stipend) reimbursement reporting. Open talk with questions with staff including the higher ups in the chain of command who drove from Butte to Helena for this event.  Regional Manger, BLM  LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) etc., who explained what their propose was and how we could help them by understanding our roles without upsetting the guests. As some may not take kindly to following the rules and how to politely help them understand. Avoid confrontations. Lots of issues with online reservations\procedures.
(recreation.gov) No shows, refunds, etc. Very glad we are in a No Fee campground. But hear they are planning on making our place a (FCFS) first come first served pay site next year. We get people all the time commenting on how nice this place is and can't believe it's not pay.
Even hands on training on the use of lawn mowers, weed trimmers, etc. I have never seen such high end riding mower machines up close and personal. Even one you stand on to use. We only have weed eaters at our campground. But I hinted if you want to send one down we'll take it. There are two large string trimmers here but I prefer the battery one I bought as it is light to use and I can shut it off and on as I go from site to site and just toss it in the back of the pickup. Instead of having to pull start the gas one each time. Now if things get out of hand this summer will use both gas and battery.

At the end of the day what we came away with was that we as volunteers are respected and VERY much wanted as without us they could not begin to carry out their mission. Very much a team building experience so we are all on the same level of knowing proper procedures. It helps BLM staff by knowing they have shown the way so that volunteers don't go rouge, and that they covered their backside. And that we all know what the expectations are and if we find things we can't or don't want to accomplish, then don't.

It gave us a chance to meet other camp hosts and learn why they were doing this hosting thing and compare notes on our experiences. Invaluable. One last thug it that was stressed to us, was to not overwork ourselves but to stop and take in the sights of this beautiful country.
We came away with, boy they do have a clue as to how all this should fall together.

To enhance users visits we have placed solar lights (motion activated) on the ground and on the out houses for safer late night runs to use them. No drilling here, double sided tape worked great for this operation.
 An added benefit for us is if they are impressed that they are lighted (outside) they might be more careful (inside).

May 26)
Memorial Day weekend on Saturday kind of sucked. As you can see. But it seams most evenings it clears and a we get nice sunsets.
Even with the mountians we get sun on the campground  till about 8 PM.
Gonna be some nice campfires when it warms up, me not  thinks, but knows.

It's Sunday and I have been itching to get out and weed whack a little around the campground and our site with my brand new string trimmer. As I said I think before I wanted a battery trimmer so as to not have to deal with a noisy gas ones they supplied. May have to use them aslo latter on when things get growing and out of hand.
So I get it out and insert the battery and NOTHING. So as a last resort I got out the instructions and read away. Yep must have a defective charger or the bad battery. ACE hardware in Livingston carries the batteries but not the trimmer. WE got the trimmer at ACE in Bozeman. So off we go up the road  40 miles. They were great and tested the charger with a new battery and it worked so said just take the new battery and all is well. Then I said I think I want an extra battery so back to isle 9 and one new 2 AH battery was $79 but the they had a sale for two batteries $70 off so I got two bats for about $54. So now have three bats.
I like it when the charge light blinks green.

Then stopping at Albertson's for a few things at $128 later.
As they say Montana is big SKY country and I can attest so are the grocery prices.
$2.99 a lb for vegetables as in cauliflower.
So be it as we didn't let that faze us as I grabbed another bag of miniature candy in a 2 lb bag for $20.
Gotta have treats to throw at the Mule Deer, Antelope, Elk, Rocky Mountain Sheep, and Bears (there is a reason we have bear boxes at each campsite)  that my wonder through the campground.
Now if they don't wonder through fast enough guess we will have to devour them before they spoil.

On the way back to camp from Livingston going south we took the East River road HW 540. OMG the views are out of this world.

(May 24)
(This should probily be in the Day Trips section but it's here and read on anyway) Day Trips is more of a back road adventure thing.
Friday afternoon and time to go for a ride to The Old Saloon MT  
Just up the road in Emigrant MT
(Lots of pic
s of this establishment and history.)
The Old Saloon first opened in 1902 to service the rail line passing through the Paradise Valley en route to Yellowstone National Park. Emigrant was the halfway point on the journey from Livingston to Yellowstone and with the depot located directly in front of the Old Saloon, it became the perfect pit stop for the wary traveler. The rail was also used for agricultural and mining transportation. This brought cowboys, miners, and tourists all to the bar at the Old Saloon – a tradition that continues today. The Old Saloon has served Paradise Valley locals as well as visitors from every corner of the world. It has survived over an entire century by offering a comfortable Montana experience where guests are greeted by a genuine and kind staff willing to engage locals and outsiders alike. From the hard-working ranch hand to the tourist passing through to Yellowstone, to the celebrity living in their Paradise Valley hideaway, The Old Saloon still attracts all types of guests who intermingle seamlessly while enjoying good food, drinks, and live music. The Old Saloon was built on great stories and is an iconic fixture in Montana and the Paradise Valley. It is one of a kind and the last of a dying breed. Come experience Montana how it used to be and make your own story!
They do events in their outdoor arena.

We had a great lunch of Walleye and Chips
and side sailed. Very good. The big event for the Memorial Weekend is their...

4pm - Rocky Mountain Pearis
6pm - Tylor & The Train Robbers
8pm - Kenny Feidler & The Cowboy Killers
(No Cover)
Me thinks they are selling lots of booze.
As we left the cafe at about 3 PM on a Friday the bar was
filled with cowboys and cowgirls. Getting a head start on the holiday weekend. Or just maybe a normal afternoon for the locals to hang out.

The older fun filled friendly lady server told us about this and I said
 "I Just Don't Think That Is For Me". And she said me neither.
A great historic place halfway between Livingston and Gardiner.
The Fish was only $16 and me thinks this could be a whole lot friendlier than touristy Gardiner. We shall see as we experience more of the great State of Montana. There are no big time motels or RV Parks at this point on the road and me thinks this is more a local watering hole.
Did I say it is beautiful here? People ae so friendly, as I tell they we are camp hosts, they become instant local guides.

(May 23)
Back at camp watching the weather as another winter storm watch is in effect for the region.
Roads closed and power is out in many parts of western MT but done here it's in the low 30s and had light snow which didn't stick. We shall see what happens tonight.
Our Outdoor Recreation Planner who we report to wirtes...
I hope all is well and you are living the dream!
With the weather we have been having since we got here at the end of April it has been more like a nightmare than a dream.
Ya, I know it's gonna get nicer and we are ready for that for sure.

As for how this BLM camp hosting thing is going we are scheduled for volunteer orientation/training for camp hosts for the Butte Field Office on May 31 at another campground just ourside of Helena.

Carbella Bridge Replacement
I think I told you about the bridge replacement here due to the flood in 2022 that washed it out. They have brought in big cranes to place girders across the river span. So that caused them to CLOSE river rafting through the area so as not to float under the construction work.
They have signs up river at launch sites but none down here at the take out point. People that are going to raft many times come here first to drop of a vehicle and then take the raft up stream to launch and they will now find a River Closed sign and then have to come back here to retrieve their other vehicle. With a sign (we posted on the bulletin board) we hope to stop them from wasting their time. Now I'm sure the big boys already now of the closer but it's let get the bridge stabilized so the river traffic can resume. Esp for the Memorial Day weekend. Suspect many pople from Bozeman etc. are planning a float trip.  Weather permitting, that is. But these tourists and Montainions are hardy and think this weather is great compared to the winter they endure.
Even if they don't open the river up stream lots of outfitters will still use this launch site for dory fishing float trips to go down stream from here through calmer water. So we should still be busy checking on outfitters permits for usage reports.

(May 21)
Since we are going to Bozeman I am posting a little early.
Yesterday we stopped to dump our trash at the trash transfer station right outside the entrance to the campground area.

Yep your looking correct that is an ATM machine and what's this all about, you ask. Well we found it sitting at the transfer station. Now me thinks that is kind of strange. If it had been replaced by an ATM (bank) would they take it to the dump? If stollen would the crooks not want to hide it, but take to the dump? All strange, so I called the non emergency sharriff # for Park Co and boy did they get a big kick out my report. We all had a good laugh as to what the outcome of this is gonna be. Since we were the reporting party, they took our names and as we are the hosts here they added us their contact list to call if something is reported out here so we can provide input.
It in reflection feels good to be on a first name basses with the local sheriff
(May 20)
Woo- hoo made it through the weekend and here it is Monday all of a sudden.
Terry is off to Gardiner to do laundry. First time, since we left Benson AZ to get here.
Starting to get nightly travelers stopping and they are a varied group. Foreign to several Floridians. All loving this great location as a drooping off point to the great YNP. A couple heading from here to Alaska.
It's great fun to watch the different rigs that people travel in. Think it's called people watching.
We have had sun but today overcast cold (43°) at 1:30 PM with mist. Still 44° at 3 PM.
Most of the weekend we had only one or two spots open. So turned no one away.
The Yellowstone River is roaring as late snow melt from on high is melting.
Told Terry to get a picture of it on his was back from Gardiner

Not much good for fishing so no dory boats out but do have a few adventurous rafters to challenge the wild fast water. Or they had made reservations with the many rafting companies and just have to go on for the ride or loose out on their time and money. But Ya know they still look happy to be right where they are.
Sure hope it turns nicer in the next few days as have only sat out one evening around a fire as of yet.
We still make the rounds and record outfitter and camp site usage. And inspect and so far only to sweep the toilets out.
Gotta impress the campers with clean resttooms. Will make sure they get a good power washing done before the Memorial Day weekend. The BLM is to get us a power washer but in the mean time we have our own ACE battery washer I bought just for this occasion to use.

Tomorrow we are going to Bozeman as we need a few things that we just can't get down here.
First off, I spilled a drink (good waste of Vodka) on my new gaming keyboard and now some of the keys are sticking, so need a new one as I tried rinsing this one with water but they started to stick again.
A sign board so we can post the campground address on the entrance so we can get UPS and FedEx deliveries. Our Post Office Mail Box isn't working out as the mail carrier wants us to place it way up the HW away from the entrance to this campground.
A bottle of RV Digest-It to devolve the crud in our black tank. Enough said about that.
Little magnets to hold the CAMP HOST sign I made for on the side of our truck. Gotta make sure the campers and outfitters know who we are. Walmart here we come.
And the last thing I want is a new battery string trimmer that ACE is selling on sale (made by Craftsman)
The BLM has left us a couple of gas (huge) trimmers but I want to try a good sized battery one. Me thinks less weight and LESS noise..

 Almost forgot another Walmart item.
Wall outdoor solar lights with motion sensors.
I put a couple of push in the ground ones in front of the john doors for late night got to go issues.
But these carefully mounted will work much better.

Oh and how could I forget.
Terry discovered a tiny leak in the water supply of our RV toilet and we need a new one. That's a big item to also get in Bozeman. So just turned off supply to it. Terry has replaced it before so doable.

(May 16)
Life isn't boring out here in camp host land. For you following along to see what it is like doing this, one item we didn't plan on was people squatting and overstaying the 14 day limit. Liker I said b4 this campground is free so that just encourages this. We  record usage and when we determine overstay we notify the BLM. As you can imagine the feedback from those impacted can be on the non friendly side. But it's time to get this campground off to a good start, so what we call a LEO (law enforcement officer) will be stopping by to talk some people into leaving. We are not here to confront anyone, but to just report happenings to the BLM and for them to administer things.

(May 15)
Headed to Livingston as refrigerated meds for Terry were to arrive at True Value Hardware via FedEx.
 Not in yet so we visited their river front park to kill time after we got free water at the Yellowstone Gateway Museum

 Found that on iOverlander app.  Lots more resource links on our main web site https://www.hitchitch.com/helplinks.
Time for lunch so who could resist Mark's In & Out Beef Burgers, an original 1950's drive in. Established in 1954.

Check out their web site for the details and history. A cool place but we didn't delight, as they say in the food. Good but not great in our minds. Something has kept these guys in business as long lines and then even longer wait for food. They give you a little electronic tablet with a number on it and it buzzes when your order is ready. We had stopped here many years ago and had forgotten about it, but as we drove by we said wow I remember that place.

While at the hardware store picked up a rural mailbox that we plan on putting up at the entrance to the campground as it  does have a postal address. Will make it easier for USPS and UPS and FedEx deliveries. Yes we did check with the Emigrant MT post office for their OK.


Our first campfire.
Got the CLAM setup and chairs inside it and had a little campfire. Great evening and OMG warm enought to sit outside and just enjoy.

It's a Monday and time for a little housecleaning as in black and  gray dumping. We have a macerator pump to grind up the black and pump it into our portable tank that we can take to the dump station so we don't have to move the MH. Well all did not go so great. The black tank was clogging and not letting the poop get to the chopping action.
Terry got enough to drain along with gary water and took it to the Sinclair Station dump 10 miles to the south just outside of Gardiner. It is the only dump we have found or heard of. They are kind of pricey as we asked if dumping just a blue boy would still be regular price. Yep. at $20 but they are not on city sewage so the price is justified, me thinks. We are paid a stipend from the BLM so the cost is not an issue.
To make sure our black tank stays good the next time we are Bozeman we will get of battle RV Digest-IT at Walmart (in stock) to break up any blocking solids. Are we having fun yet.
Had to report to the BLM three campers who have over stayed the 14 day limit. All in a days hosting duties.

(May 11)
The weekend has arrived and it's rumored to be in the low 70's.
Me thinks kind of scary as it has been cold since we got here on May .  Not sure what to make of a nice warm day in Montana.
First item is to get our Clam Outdoor room set up.
Hopefully this is the start of better days to come.

Put up some new signs on the Campground Bulletin board.

Haven't seen any pets on leashes yet. I can understand since it is early and very fwe people are out and about, but it will get busy and this is needed for safety.
No one wants to see a little kid get bitten, that's for sure. So there are rules. Must be a "Live Free Or Die" thing. All we can do is politely inform them of the rule.

And of course the 14 day thing.
This campground never closes and since it is free it tends to get squatters and now that we have arrived as the host we are keeping track of site usage.
Now we are not to engage with the campers if they stay beyond the limits but to notify the LEO and let them take care of it. We are hosts not enforcers.

As for the guides. As part of our duties we also keep track of them. They get issued an outfitter guide permit that they are to display on their dash so we can record it. They are charged an upfront fee and then at the end of season more cost determined by their usage. They report their usage and the BLM using our data double checks to make sure they are reporting what we are finding.
When they redid this rec area they made the parking lot huge, and a brand new boat ramp launch. All done after the big Yellowstone flood of 2022.
The bridge crossing the river here still has not been replaced, as it washed out big time. So we imagine there are lots of guides working out of here.
  I have made a form to record it all so we shall see.

(May 8)
Ok so it has been a couple of days now and allot has happened.
We took off Sunday afternoon to go to Billings for our Monday 7 AM appointment with Cummins Repair.
As I said before our onboard 8K Onan generator won't start.
We  stayed overnight in their parking lot and turned our coach over to them right on time.
Now what do we do for like all day in Billings in the rain.

First off to Cracker Barrel just down the street for breakfast.
 Had their Grandma's Sampler Pancake Breakfast.

Let me tell you they spent way to much effort on their interior design then the food
Not going back any time soon.

Next to find a farm store so I can get a new Carhartt sweatshirt in size XL instead of the one I just got which is a 2XL.
Gonna give that one to the park ranger.
Cabela's didn't have what I wanted but finally found it at Shipton's Big R Stores.
They had more clothes than you could throw a stick at. Then a mandatory stop at Walmart.

The Cummins dealer called and said  they would have to drop the gen form the MH to be able to work on it adding a couple  more hours of labor time to the bill. Wanted to knew if that was OK with me. All I could say is go for it. What we want no generator. Labor is like a couple hundred dollars and hour.
They got it fixed by early afternoon. A broken wire to the glow plugs and $815 dollars later. Just supper happy to have our generator back.

Got in to go and discovered my engine monitor (BlueFire) wasn't connecting to read the data buss of the MH.
Went back inside and see if they might have caused this new issue. All I got was Nope Not Us.
 After back at camp I remembered I had an old ScanGauge monitor system and hooked that up and it worked. So my fancy new monitor is bad and will have to send it back for repair. Not a big deal as we have all summer to get the done.
I do need a monitor as the analog gauges are hard to read and I need to keep track of MPH RPM and Water Temp.
Driving back from Billings to Gardiner there was Very High Winds causing truckers to pull off the road. Woe is me I kept on driving, telling myself it was only about 120 miles between Billings and Livinston. When I stopped for fuel in Livingston I just broke down and cried for a minute or so as I was just so shell shocked (PTSD) fighting the wind.

Now sure glad I did drive on, as we woke up this morning to this.
And it's still snowing big time mid afternoon today.
Good time to do a blog me thinks.
I even got to turn on the heater in the Starlink dish so it would melt the snow.
 Got to keep that internet signal online.

The pass on I 90 between Livingston and Bozmen is closed. As are many other roads.
Many cars and trucks spent the night trapped on the interstate.
The road coming into  YNP are still not open from Jackson, WY even before this latest event.
Do Ya think we got here a little too early?
A little look inside our cozy MH.

(May 1)
To think we were complaining about the 90+ heat in Vas Vegas when we passed through to come here.
Yep it snowed last night. That's our campsite bear box in the picture and GMC truck.

It melted fast but Terry still had to climb on top to clear snow from our solar panels and start our Honda gen for early morning power since the panels were covered in snow. I lay in our nice warm bed hearing him ramble around on the roof hoping he doesn't slip. .While in bed playing with my cell phone I found the local "Park County Public Safty" channel using the App Scanner Radio Pro. This will give us a heads up and the happenings around here and even in Gardiner.
Now with solar panels cleared and with full sun getting over 40 amps charge.

The next item on the agenda was replacing the fuel filter on our onboard Onan 8K generator which hasn't been starting since we stopped in the very cold in Island Park, ID. We got a new filter yesterday in Livingston at NAPA and hope this is the cure to what ails it. (That excursion was reported in our "Day Trips" section). Even I can't keep up with which section I'm posting things.
He told me I could come out and watch and get a picture of him on his back under the MH.
 I declianed as I think right here inside blogging is much more comfortable and warmer.

Stay tuned to see if we have onboard power again.
Well on first try, no go for starting. So Terry is reading the manual on how to prime the fuel system and the filter.
Several tries later still no start, so time to punt.
Right now
I would normally be getting real excited as first try didn't work but we do have a very capable backup generator (Honda 2000) so I'm not going to freeze out in the wild by any means. Now if I could just convince myself of that.
Getting responses from the Monaco MH Facebook group and what they advise to do to get this running.
Next will called a recommended repair shop in Livingston coldsmoke auto and diesel repair.
They refereed us to a couple other places and we finally found the Cummins Dealer in Billings MT who can get us in and who work on these units. WE HAVE AN APPOINTMENT  for Monday May 6th with them at 7 AM
So we plan on moving up there on Sunday as we can park in their lot in the MH.
This camp hosting gig is starting to be a real adventure with unexpected weather as in snow and cold and now generator issues. It's not like this is our first rodeo. You can catch all our past travels on our main  site www.fulltime.hitchitch.com/links
And Ya wonder why so many start out in this lifestyle and don't last.
We get strength from the many people we follow on their blogs and You Tube channels.
You can see some of those we follow on our main site www.hitchitch.com
Terry now is taking a shower as he got diesel fuel spilled on him while messing with all this.


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