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January - Febuary 2018
A new year and time to get back into blogging.
Last year we made big changes in our travels and became campground hosts for the BLM in Idaho.
Read my blog post about it here.  And a general article about the campground  with aerial views.

I didn't post much after my first few reports on the location last summer. We were new to the campground and as first time hosts I didn't know what would be acceptable about reporting our experiences. How much do I relate the day to day activities and the actions of the campers and boaters. What is general info and what could be considered reporting on the public actions of individual visitors. There is much discussion on what is out there on social media tracking and on search engines. People go camping to get away from some of that. So it is not our place to report on people or the actions that they could be identified from.
 Me, now thinks if you don't relay personal info about any one person and just frame our experiences as to what it is like to be a campgond host and use it for the education for others who may wonder what it is like to deal with the public in this situation.
We learned never to under estimate what people will come up with to explain their actions. Going into this with our backgrounds we just assumed all people we honest and rule followers. Not so. Being a camp host has been an education to be sure. By definition we are only to explain the regulations and are not in an enforcement capacity. That is what Police and BLM Rangers are for. But as any camp host will find out, you are the front line, and the enforcement officers are many miles away. So it's up to power of persuasion, that gets you through the day and night. Now saaying that 99% of people are just great but it is the few that ruins it for us all.

Our job is to treat everyone with respect and to help them enjoy their outdoor adventures. After all these public lands are owned by us, all for recreation and fulfillment.

Some of the challenges here were that this used to be a free use area and then was upgraded to a FEE day use area, boat ramp and  improved campground. 16 sites are electric with water and dump station available on the grounds. With another 14 dry non improved sites. So  it makes it nice if the improved sites are taken on a first served basis there is always room in the dry camping area. We have never had to turn anyone away. There are no reservations, so that can be a problem when people try to hold sites for popular holiday weekends but other times this campground is mostly empty. And it des have several huge big rig pull through sites. And with the popular use of ATVs  we have the duty to explain  riders that the BLM has banned their use in the campground area. There are a lot of local seasonal cabins in the area right before the park entrance and people do seem not to understand they can't just ride on in for pleasure or that there is a day use fee.

Now you ask why would you want to be a camp host. And not olny that we are committed to going back in May 2018 and do it all over again for this summer. We learned from our first stint and should be better able to handle the experience. 

And it is the best fun to be the one who can make camping fun for others.  It is better to give than receive....
When a family pulls up with kids and are rushing around on their limited vacation time to see it all, and the kids want a campfire and they don't have any. They come over asking if they can buy some and we explain we are not a FS campground run by a
private concessionaire and we don't sell it.  But we just take some of the leftover firewood we have collected from other campsites to them.  Happy Campers are the best.
We found a firewood dealer in Soda Springs, ID where we can get a nice load for a great price (see the light colored wood be bought in town) even if not much is leftover in the sites. (the dark chunks)

So as many of you know I LOVE my campfires and want to share them with others.

More later as I add to thsi post as we did go to Quartzsite in January this year for a couple of weeks.