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We are fulltimeers who travel the western part of the country late spring, summer and fall untill it gets cold up there.
Ron and Terry's fulltime blog
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 We arefirst time camp hosts in Idaho this summer
2017 See above for latest travel news .......>/
Sept - Oct
We love looking for boondocking loctions and are finding great sites... Now going down CA HW 395 with side trip to Yosemite.
Spending time in Iowa
Heading out for the summer.
Videos from my Phantom 3 Drone at vacation house. And a video  "Adventure is Calling": Epic timelapse takes you on a 13,000 mile road trip across 32 states.  And video "America in a Minute"
Oct Bullhead City and Quartzsite AZ (scrolll down)
Sept Idaho heading south 
Aug Heading west from Iowa to SD, WY, and MT.
July Hiding out in CO in FS campground and a must do narrow gage train trip
June June means HEAT so off for places north.
Feb Back in Benson
Jan We are back in Quartzsite for January 
Nov We had a big Black Friday
Oct Oregon coast... CA to NV and on to Quartzsite, AZ
Sept Exploring Washington state
Aug Finding fishing spots in Montana
July Yellowstone and Montana
June Made it to our first Prime stopping point.
Ma Heading out for our summer and fall travels and what we have been up to.
Mar Time Marches On When You're Having Fun
Jan Safe and sound back in Benson.
Dec Quartzsite and Terry off to the hospital
Oct Oregon, Nevada, to AZ
Sept Montana, and Idaho
Aug Yellowstone and Montana fly fishing
July South Dakota and Montana
June On the road again. From seasonal propery up through NM
Mar-May Slow times in Benson winter vacation property.
Feb Back from Q to Benson 
Jan Quartzsite and on a Sick Pity Party
Dec Getting down and dirty on this place they call Quartzsite. 
Oct-Nov NM and back to Vac house in AZ
Sept CO and NM  Taos etc.
Aug Colorado Taylor Park  Creede etc.
July New Mexico to Iowa
June Heading north throught New Mexico
March Aren't you glad you got rid of your Sticks and Bricks.
Jan Returned to Quartzsite for Jan. and Feb.  for Rock Club fun and desert boondocking.
Dec At our winter property for the holidays... and a just "Just Say Bah!" message.
Nov Reflections of being retired in place. 
Oct So you've been thinking about a winter AZ property.
Aug- Sept  Getting back into the AZ lifestyle
July Spending time in Iowa... Did I saw it was hot in Iowa yet.
June Still more of AZ and heading back to IA to visit 
May Living and loving our winter home in AZ. Fixing up like we want.
April Working to make our winter home just how we want it. Tioga George stopped by by for a visit.
March Finding and moving into our dream winter property in Benson, AZ
Feb Doing field trips looking for the end of the rainbow.
Jan 14-31 The Big Tent Show and more.
Jan 1-12 More of what we are finding in this mecca called Quartzsite.
Dec  Watching the BLM bloom with RVs instead of  flowers.
Nov 3 - 26 Getting set up in Q and now with a portable blow up hot tub.
Oct 12 - 30  Nevada (Las Vegas) and on to Quartzsite
Oct 2 - 10 Exploring  southern Idaho on the Snake
Sept 21 - 30 Exploring the Salmon and Snake Rivers West Central ID
Sept 1 - 18 Exploring the Lochsa and Clearwater Rivers North Central ID
Aug 18 - 29  Exploring Northeast Idaho and the Yellowstone area
Aug 4 - 17 Heading west for fun and adventure. Thataway...
June 6 - 26 Back in Iowa for a couple of months for medical checkups. So we can hit the raod again
July Relaxing in Iowa
May CO to KS to IA
April Grand Canyon Great pictures. 
May Lake Powell and San Jaun River at Navajo Dam, 
April 1-9 Headed to San Diego
Jan 19-30
Jan 11-18
Jan  3-10
 Quartzsite, AZ  What can I say we cover this mecca in our blog. The woodstock for RVers.


  Articles to explore:
  We did away with the  Blue Boy   See how we deal with gray and black water.
  So now for the solar power stuff when boondocking.. 
  DO NOT BUY solar panels or batteries untill you read HandyBob's articles... 
  If you are thinking about adding solar to your rig.  Please read...
  HandyBob's RV Solor Power articles on his web site 
  and his atricle "The RV Battery Charging Puzzle"

Visit our prior fulltime travels...
2003South Texas winter 2003   2004 Spring and summer 2004  2004 AZ winter and back north spring 2005
   To AZ for the 2005 winter through UT, NV, and boondocking at Quartzsite (great boondocking locations)
2005September Travels  October Travels November & December in Quartzsite
2006 January in Quartzsite   February and March in Quartzsite
  Final thoughts on Q and the changes we see taking place there
 April 2006 Travels slowly heading North through northern NM
  September 17 - 23  across northern NE and central WY   US 20 northern NE and held up for snow in WY
  September 24 - 30  In Moab, UT  CanyonlandsMoab, UT in the Canyonlands  w/fantastic boondocking sites.
  October 1 - 7   UT Needles Overlook and Navajo Dam, NM    Fly fishing in blue ribbon waters.
  October 8 - 14  At Navajo Dam, NM and exploring the area   October 15 - 21  Left Navajo Dam, NM on the 19 Now in Gallup, NM
  October 22 -  28  Was in Wickenburg, AZ Now in  Quartzsite, AZ    October 29 - 31 and November 1 - 4   Winter adventures in Quartzsite
  November 5 - 11  and still slumming it in Quartzsite   November 12 - 18   Yup in Quartzsite 
 November 19 - 25     November 26 - December 2     December 3 - 9    Exploring life in Q    December  10 - 16   Having fun in the desert in Q
 December 17 - 23   Soon Christmas will be here   December 24 - 30   Christmas week in the land of Q   December 31 -  Jan. 6  Moving into the New Year in Q
2007January 7 - 13   When Q blooms with people in RVs   January 14 - 20   The crush of RVs arriving for the big show
  January 21- 27   The BIG Tent  show in Q    January 28 - Feb 3   Life after the BIG show 
  February 4 - March 3   Q without the crowds    March 4 - 16    Relaxing and thinking about heading north
  March 17 - 24   Left Q and in Cottonwood, Sedona,  AZ March 25 - April 7    Winslow, AZ  & Canyon de Chelly
  April 8 - 22   As we do Navajo Dam and the fly fishing
  April 23 - 30   Toas, NM then Cimarron State park and boondocking in a KS city park
  May 1 -  31    South NE at a FREE COE Lake and on into IA to our summer base.
  July 2007 in IA  Aug 12 - 18 west to WY  Aug 19 - 25    Aug 26 - Sept. 2  WY and ID    Sept. 4 - 9 Central ID fly fishing
  Sept. 10 - 14  Central Inland OR   Sept. 15 - 24 Central OR Coast 
  Sept. 25 - 30 South OR Coast Oct. 1 - 7 CA & Reno, NV  Oct. 8 - 16  Down CA HW 395 
 Oct. 17 - 29 Barstow CA and landing in Quartzsite, AZ
 Nov. 2 - 13 in Q our winter home
  Nov. 14 - 29 in Q  December In Q Watching the RVers move in.

2008January in Q  when people out number the rocks. The Big Show days in late January
  February  in the land of the sun and a visit to the famous  Desert Bar north of Parker 
 Late February  with Bluegrass and Chili in Q. Warm weather and no crowds. 
  March Still in Q, it has warmed up, watching for deadly creatures out of hibernation.
 Late March  Closing down the rock club and checking out routes to take for fly fishing in NM
  April Moving from Q to NM, though CO,  KS and landing in IA 
  May Doing our thing in the heartland of Iowa  June Hoping the floods and tornados in IA are over with for now.
 July We ordered a NEW 5er.   Aug  More on life as we live it. (Health Care Ins. info costs)  Sept. and Oct.   Moved into our new 5er.
 November  Landed in Quartzsite    December 3 - 10    December 11 - 27    Exploring the wonders of Q 
 December 28 - 31  More on Q with a rock club field trips  See what we are finding about this love or hate it desert oasis.

2009January 1 - 6 January 7 - 13 January 14 - 19  January  21 - 25 January 26 - 31 February 5 - 7   February 9 - 16 February 22 - 26  March 1 -14 March 19 - 31
 April 1 - 12  April 14 -30
  May 2009  June 2009 July 1- 23 July 24-30 Central Montana around White Springs and Great FallsAug  1-11Blackfoot River around Moissoula, MT
 Aug  16-23Libby Dam area
 Aug  24-31central WA in the Republic area on HW 20Sept 1-9   Sept 10-23 central WA and Roslyn, WASept 25-30 South OR and the Columbia River...  Great pictures.
  Oct. 1-5Susanville, CA to Reno to Tonopath, NVOct. 6-30Death Valley, Hot Springs at Beatty, Two weeks in Laughlin on casino row
  Nov 2009  Dec 2009

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